Katz Delaney-Leija MSW, EFT CC, Psych-K Advanced, Energy MedicineKatz Delauney-Leija is an MSW who has changed her focus from conventional talk therapy to Energy Psychology because “where conventional therapies fail to make lasting changes Energy Therapy can truly transform your life.” Katz works with clients to help them find their own power for transformation. She is certified in several Energy Psychology modalities including EFT/QBT, PSYCH-K, ENERGY MEDICINE, DIMENSIONAL DOWSING, and she is a MEDICAL INTUITIVE.

Katz has eighteen years experience as a clinical therapist, who has dealt with the frustrations of helping many battle the war of healing and transition, including herself. With conventional therapy it can get better for a while and then the same “issues” usually pop up again looking a little different, but coming from the same old trauma, fear, or insecurity. Katz discovered an alternative to conventional therapy that actually produces long lasting results, very quickly with EFT and Psych-K and other Energy Modalities. Her insightful classes, seminars, workshops, and one on one sessions have included health issues, stress, addictions, physical pain, self-worth, sexual issues, relationships, and anger. She has helped transition deeper issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, PTSD, victims of abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders to mention a few.

Energy Work Briefly Explained

The human body is designed to be in a certain state of balance in order to function properly. The body’s state of balance is associated with the overall wellness or health of the individual. We don’t have to think about it. It is naturally programmed into the body, however, problems arise when the body’s ability to maintain this homeostasis is disrupted in some way. This disruption can be in the form of something that impacts the body directly from outside itself or it can also occur when an essential nutrient for something else that the body needs to function correctly is not provided. It can be more indirect, the stress of our lifestyles, sudden life changes, or our emotions interfering with our body’s ability to repair and maintain itself. A problem in one part of the body eventually has an impact on every other part.

Energy work involves the transfer and direction of universal life force energy to help clear, strengthen and balance one’s energy field and energy pathways to facilitate, support and speed the healing process. We are energy and are surrounded by energy everything in the universe is energy at its most basic level and so it makes sense to balance our energy, create homeostasis, in order to have true mind, body, and spirit health.
Katz is a holistic practitioner believing in total wellness includes the whole Body, Mind and Spirit

Katz is CEO of Phoenix Rising LLC, in NE Columbia South Carolina where she offers personal one-on-one, groups, workshops, seminars, and phone sessions nationwide.