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QBT, Quantum Brain Tapping, is a self-healing method that is easily learned, easy to use, and it can provide rapid and deep relief of stress, distress, aches and pains or to prepare you to make a speech. It can be used for anything anytime you need to align your energy with your wishes quickly. It takes theory and applications from EFT, Brain Gym, and Quantum Brain Restructuring or split brain theory. (Psych-K) and combines them in a way that is quick, effective, and easy.

QBT is highly successful for several reasons. 

  • Takes a fraction of the time that EFT and Psych-K and many other self-healing methods require, and is therefore easy to use during stressful situations. It is tremendously empowering, because it is so simple and so rapidly effective in self-healing.
  • Allows for much greater flexibility in working on target problems within a therapy session because it is so rapid. It leaves time to explore any alternative symptoms or deeper issues with alternative methods of addressing them. When there are blocks to progress, it is easy to identify them and clear them.
  • QBT is gentle and does not cause intense emotional releases, although it does thoroughly and permanently clear emotions associated with old hurts.
  • Is better accepted and compliance outside of therapy is much higher because of its simplicity and ease—also because you can do it in public and no one else will notice.
  • Works marvelously well and rapidly on problems that may have been present for a long time and may not have responded to other therapies, including pains, cravings and allergies, though it may take time and repetition to be effective for some of these issues as body habits usually take at lest 30 days of repetition to change.

Using QBT involves four easy steps: 

  • Identifying a feeling or thought we would like to change: We focus on a physical pain or on a single incident, assess how strong this is, on a scale from ‘0’ = this doesn’t bother me at all, to ’10’ = this is the worst I could possibly feel. This is called the SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale).
  • Alternating stimulating the right and left side of the body: This can be done by crossing over from the right to left meridian point and taping once. It is important it is back and forth from right to left and back, as this establishes the Brain Balancing piece, which helps make it more powerful. It is important to use repeated right and left stimulation of a set of meridian points. 
(done with all four fingers on the wrist, collar bone, or inside of knees)
  • While alternating stimulating the right and left sides of the body’s Meridian Points (back and forth, repeatedly one tap each using all four fingers), we recite a counteracting affirmation:
  • An example of a counteracting affirmation, adapted from EFT:

– “Even though I have this (pain, anxiety, panic, fear, etc. – be specific when filling in the blank),

– I love and accept myself wholly and unconditionally, and I forgive myself for anything I have done to cause this.” (Or any other positive affirmation that suits the situation) Then tap alternately left to right, using your favorite meridian points, having a conversation with yourself about your problem. Personally I like to use at lest 2 points, my favorites are the collarbone and the wrist points. Remember it is important to cross up on the points. That is the Psych-K or Split Brain Theory section that helps to make this process more effective than other tapping procedures.

*After tapping for a few minutes, check the SUDS again. It will usually go down. Repeat the assessing and tapping until it is zero.

Installing a positive replacement affirmation and gratitude: 

After the issue is “2” or below install a positive replacement with gratitude.

Example: Tapping Wrist Points: “I release all stress and worry from my joints and muscles. I am so relieved and grateful my back pain is gone.”

Written By: Katz Delauney-Leija MSW

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