Positive Things About You To QBT Tap On Daily:

10683435_10204860222133752_8899065553308940316_o1) I am a good person

2) I am a strong person

3) I make good decisions

4) I have good reasons for my decisions

5) I am clear-minded

6) I trust myself and I trust my decisions

7) I am a good friend

8) I’ve made a good life for myself

9) I know how to make new friends easily

10) I have lots of things to look forward to

11) There are lots of opportunities available to me every day

12) I am in the right place at the right time, the Universe guides me

13) I like the way I am changing my thinking and am in control of my thoughts

14) I am a positive thinker, I believe in myself

15) I know that God has his hand in my life and He is guiding me all the way

16) Things happen for a reason and I am strong enough to handle them

17) Anything can happen in my life.  It is wide open!

18) I love the feeling of being able to change my mind and body

19) I love who I am

20) I love That I can manifest anything!

21) I love how I like to laugh

22) I love all the crazy ideas I come up with

23) I love making decisions on my own, and I trust myself

24) I love challenges and change!

25) I am in great shape and am getting better and better all the time, healthier and healthier everyday

26) I have great intuition and it just gets better and better!

27) I trust myself and my decision-making

28) My body is strong and healthy

29) Remember where I started

30) Look how far I’ve come

31) Look how much I know now

32) Look how much I have to be grateful for

33) Think of all the good decisions I’ve made, all the lessons I have learned

34) I’m only getting better

35) There’s no place to go but up

36) I’m really good at what I put my mind to

37) Look what I’ve already done

38) I’ve been through so much and because of it, I’ve gotten where I am now

39) I’m excited thinking about what else I can do with my life

40) I can’t wait to see all the events unfold for me

41) Even when life and people give me problems, I know how to deal with them and rise above them

42) I’m releasing more and more of my emotional blocks everyday

43) I feel better and better every day

44) I have weathered many storms and I will weather many more

45) I can feel joy especially when I can keep the good thoughts going

46) I am healthy and well

47) I love the person that I have become

48) I have my whole life ahead of me to continue making a good life and good choices

49) I am so happy that I am who I am

50) I am so grateful for who I am and for what I am capable of

51) People are impressed with my knowledge and energy!

52) God puts me in the right place at the right time…things happen for me!

53) The world opens up for me.

Add anything else to the list that you need.