Energy Psychology for Personal Transformation

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Energy Psychology
Medical Intuitive

Refers to those therapies that use both psychological and energetic interventions together in a treatment strategy to correct disruptions in the energy system promoting balance. Her medical intuitive technique is a very precise and scientific means of analyzing the body. It is done thru checking reflex points with Kinesiology.

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What is EFT and QBT?

It is a combination of Western science and ancient Eastern Medicine of Acupressure. By tapping on meridians of the body it relieves emotional disturbances that hinder personal growth, promotes transformation within minutes.

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What is Psych-K?

It Is a direct way to communicate with the subconscious mind, identify, and change old self limiting beliefs into positive beliefs focusing on supporting the desired changes very quickly. It brings balance to the system and will virtually "re-wire" the brain.

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